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When Souls Dance

When Souls Dance
When Souls Dance
When Souls Dance
When Souls Dance
When Souls Dance
  1. What touches your heart?
  2. What do you appreciate in others?
  3. What do you dream of?

Touch transforms

 “Tactile needs don’t change with aging. If anything, they seem to increase.” – Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin, Dr Ashley Montague.
To leave the city of one’s comfort and delve into the wilderness of intuition is a wonderful and necessary journey of growth.
The first time I was introduced to partner yoga, I was blown away.  I was so moved by this experience that I was inspired to write about this practice.

Partner Yoga – What is it? 

The beauty of partner yoga is creating a unique practice – it is in its essence, the poetry of two souls dancing together – the postures themselves being a mirror for our communication in daily life.
The word intimacy comes from the root word “intima”, which means the innermost structure of something.
Intimacy is a peeling away of these layers. With every layer that is stripped away, a softer, more tender part of oneself is exposed. While not easy, this is the heart of partner yoga. Embracing intimacy through the awareness of breath, alignment, stamina, flexibility, trust, surrender, balance, grace, and mindful courage.
To embrace life in its entirety is to accept intimacy in its myriad of forms. Partner yoga provides a beautiful window into the sea of meandering channels of intimate expression. When practicing postures together, we allow feelings of intimacy to surface and explore these feelings. Understanding our intentions is an important part of this process.This process is incredibly transformative, becoming meditation, or dhyana when you and your partner are so entirely present in a posture that everything else fades away. The pose itself transforms from something you are doing to something you are becoming.

To Dream is to Believe

I hope for us as a community that we adhere to be childlike, to be enthusiastic,  to be playful,  to be encouraging and non judgemental. I believe this energy spreads like wild fire- and so we weave a wonderfully vibrant tapestry of community based play and practice, and open hearted communication that has and continues to empower our love to share, heal and inspire. We all have powerful cathartic siddhis (magical powers) to uplift the collective.

My experience of partner yoga was an invaluable one in the true lessons of strength; in our vulnerabilities, and our ability to share this with one another. To support, and to be supported, to be strong and to be soft, to ask and to intuitively give, to speak with our eyes, to listen with our hearts, to honour with every capacity of our being. To fulfil the archetypes of the warrior, the teacher, the lover, the visionary and the healer simultaneously. This great reminder in communication, not just in our yoga practice, but in our daily lives, expresses mindful and embodied living through every action.

Much gratitude to  my teachers.

Photo set: Partner Yoga at the Sanctuary, Koh Phangan – Angel and Gopala Yaffa of Rainbow Yoga

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