Francoise Freedman – Birthlight

Francoise Freedman – Birthlight
Francoise Freedman – Birthlight

This year I had the pleasure of studying with a true healer and visionary – Francoise Freedman, founder of Birthlight, an organisation that teaches womb, fertility, pre and post natal yoga to women.

I asked what her inspiration for Birthlight was.

My inspiration for Birthlight is rooted in the red mud, live waters and healing forest of the Upper Amazon. The singing laughter of groups of women whose lives I shared during two pregnancies, the watchful care of the men and the pointed teachings of little children are still with me. I was shown how to live lightly and to birth ‘light’. The plants that shamans know healed me and prompted me to adapt what I learnt for ‘my people’. Yoga and its tradition beyond the Western ‘on the mat’ versions of the last decades seemed the best channel for Amazonian embodied wisdom around pregnancy, birth and babies. My vision is one of ‘infant joy’, after the poem by William Blake, for every baby to be cherished his journey from womb to world and in the early months.


In my lifetime there has been a tremendous amount of scientific research showing the fundamental import of the time in utero and early babyhood for the wellbeing of persons and society at large. One birth at a time, awareness can grow about the need to offer women, babies and new families the care that corresponds to research findings and also to what vulnerable indigenous groups around the world still precariously maintain.


My life path is one of education and cultural translation. I have received and developed a gift of helping people, more specially women, to unlock the truth held in their bodies so that they can enjoy life with vibrant wellbeing, give birth in their power and nurture themselves, their babies and their families with strong and tender love.

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