Heal, Inspire

Letters to you – Letter 1

“Feather to fire,
fire to blood,
blood to bone,
bone to marrow,
marrow to ashes,
ashes to snow.”
– Ashes and Snow: A Novel in Letters, Gregory Colbert.

* * * * * * *
Letter 1 – love Amaluna

A single image can split open the hard seed of the past; memory gushes forth from every direction. A single apology and acknowledgement can absolve and heal all the wounds of the past. We are the beautiful and the beastly, most powerful in our humility. It’s a momentary vaccuum into which rushes all that we love.

We reside in the bed of phantasmagoria, the land of memory, where the landscape shifts based on emotional timbre, between interpretation and fact. Written letters, keepsakes, blue roses, last interactions, I carry like a garden in my pocket. This ecstatic timelessness, is what grounds my oneness to sun and stone.

Minutes become hours, hours become days, days become a lifetime. Our evolution is in our study. Writing is rewriting. Sand becomes pearl, coal becomes diamond, friendship becomes love, I become you. My heart has cracked open today, and all I feel is this ineffable, inextricable sense of content. What was lost has been resurrected, Lazarus becomes love. Welcome home.