The Querencia of Imagination

In the longest hour of the night, I draw a circle in the sand and I spiral into an hourglass of vividly lit landscapes. I call it my caim, my sanctuary.

Floating along the perennial ocean of time, I return here, to our special place, where we lay on our backs watching falling stars, and our ancestors would lift our secrets from their roots up to the heavens. We built this kingdom on a thousand paper cranes. We called ourselves the heliotropists, the seekers of the sun.

Annus mirabilis, a year of wonders. An incredible year for ruin, and an even greater one for transformation. We meander and weather through the elements of the sacred – every moment is mythos, every action is ritual. This is what keeps me connected to you. The poignance of loss and the humbling lessons of sorrow.

Soul of fire, heart of earth, body of water – remember three things each day that you are grateful for. To live a life of honour for our dreams and our ecology.  To play in the effervescence of your brilliance. Connections are scintillas, they are sparks like brilliant blue phosphorescence. Ephemeral and lifechanging. May these senses serve the altruist’s vision; I thank you for this moment.

What does your heart ache for? Can you embrace unknown shores with open arms and healed lessons? Can you speak your truth clearly, with grace, humility and passion? And in the face of aridity and disenchantment, can you bow to the wisdom of children and draw circles towards new horizons? Can you rock your head wildly to the moon, hold hands, as you sing, dance and tell stories? Can you share your story, rich with your greatest power; your vulnerability?

And so, if you ever feel yourself in the dark night of the soul, draw a circle. And here, I promise to meet you, in spirit and in celebration, for you, beautiful dreamer, will always be loved, seen and held dear.

The hourglass turns;

It flows through me like rain.

And all I feel is gratitude.