About Amaluna

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To be inspired, to be in spirit, in oneness, in that place of spontaneous rapture  and creation where knowledge makes love to the present moment while the emotional timbre plays – this is what I live for.

I am a yogi, wandering. I love art, living in a state of awe at the power in the artist’s purpose. I am a storyteller. My mediums are photography, writing and yoga. My passion for photography lies in capturing beautiful, raw moments that inspire and evoke a feeling of empathy in the viewer.

I am inspired and seek to serve others who promote a positive way of living, through intentions, and purpose through integrated action. I offer brandography shoots (branding and photography) for people seeking to tell their story and create a brand that lasts. I offer portraiture, headshots, events, weddings, retouching services, and one to one tutoring and workshops in photography and retouching. I have worked with holistic health professionals, chefs, actors, musicians and corporate clients. Please follow my running blog on the people I shoot at www.narrativespirit.com

I am also a yoga teacher. and thai yoga masseuse. Yoga for the people, medicine for the people. I am really passionate about sharing this great love with all that desire to know.

We are all born with a light within us. A light that burns brightly when we are manifesting our greatness, a light so mighty that it can offset the trajectory of the ZeitGeist.

A coined name deriving from Ama  (mother in many languages, water in Cherokee) , and -luna (moon in Latin), Amaluna was created of the idea that we are all the moon; we illuminate eachother in the deep dark, and we are here to raise one another up, in so raising ourselves.

This our catharsis. This is our rapture. This is the uprising of our lifetime. This is the magic of the ordinary becoming the extraordinary. This is our knowing. This is our time to hold hands, embrace and express love for one another, this is our narrative, for we are souls on fire, We are the gods of our own universes and we control the seasons of our hearts and minds; we control the trajectory of our collective consciousness.

May contentedness and mindfulness be with you all, may your light shine bright always. Serve others. There is no limit to what we can all achieve. The guru is in you.

I look forward to seeing you.

For queries please email hello@amalunastudios.com or call +447948532585.